2008 Guide Almost Here!

Maine Gallery Guide 2008 on press in Montreal

The new 2008 Maine Gallery and Studio Guide is on its
way and it looks great!

Last week Anthony
and I attended press check for Gallery Guide in Montreal. It went very well with no surprises. We were on press from about 11:00 am Friday through to 6:30 am Saturday. It is a long and exhausting process but very interesting. The presses are huge and it is a wonder to see the gigantic rolls of paper pass through the rollers for each individual color application. We worked with Michel Vigneault again who has been our printing rep for 3 years now at Litho-Mag. The pressmen were very good and had the color up accurately, very quickly.

The weather was fantastic and the drive north to Canada through Corbin Gore was magnificent. We got to see the last (hopefully) snow on the ground in places like Eustace. They were still skiing at Sugarloaf.

At the usual moose spotting site on our way to Canada
we watched a yearling moose drinking water and smelling the breeze.

Stan Israel will be out and about with the guides soon and busy signing up advertisers for ’09. He can be reached at 949-1990. We will also be mailing some boxes out as well.

Be sure to check out our new ad options for studio artists and sign up early for special rates on all advertising.

Please let us know if we can do anything for you, or if you have any questions. 1-888-482-4405
or suzanne@stateofmaineguides.com

Happy spring!