Openings + Shows: June Wrap Up

Summer is just about in full swing, and galleries are opening up their seasons with some exemplary collections of work.

These late June openings are rich in the art of photography. Galerie Dufour in Belfast will host a stunning exhibit of black and white photographs of the human back, demonstrating once again Charles Laurier Dufour’s talent in consistently producing wonderful work. The UMaine Museum of Art in Bangor will host NEW DAWN FADES: Photographs by Thomas Hager, an unmissable exhibition of extraordinary talent and vision. And Photo National 2011, also at UMMA, will occupy the main galleries of the Museum beginning June 24. See a sneak peek of this ambitious upcoming exhibit here.

Enjoy this roundup of late June openings and stay tuned for First Fridays in July!


Cafe des Artistes

Okoto Japanese Harp, gold leaf and haiku in the visual arts

Wendilee Heath O’Brien is presenting a free demonstration on Japanese Gold Leaf, music and haiku in the visual arts June 16 at 5:00 pm at her studio, whopaints gallery on 316 Main Street in Winter Harbor. Wendilee has lived in Coastal Japan and Coastal Maine and sees many parallels in scenery and artistic sensibilities.

Thursday’s demonstration will be a chance to learn about the special materials used to paint on kinbyobu, gold leaf screens. Visitors will also have the opportunity to try laying gold leaf. The okoto, harp, will also be introduced. While this event is free, donations will be accepted for Tonohata a small fishing village in Northern Japan severely damaged by the tsunami. For more information, call 963-2076 or visit

Listen to Anthony’s interview with Wendilee on the 6/11 Café des Artistes radio broadcast

Openings + Shows

Turtle Gallery will open their first show of the season with a reception, Sunday June 12 at 2 pm.

The 29th Annual Print Show will feature works by gallery printmakers; a show of Hooked and Woven Rugs will display rugs by Maryann McKellar Schwarcz and Marion Lafollette; and a presentation of new works by Deer Isle wood turner, Chris Joyce, will be presented.

Additionally, an exhibit called Island Ponds will be on display. Island Ponds is a celebration of the Island Heritage Trust purchase of the Deer Isle Lily Pond shore property in March 2010. FMI, visit Turtle Gallery online or call 207-348-9977.

Charles Laurier Dufour, “Mushroom”
Below: “Empty Love,” “XVX”

Galerie Dufour in downtown Belfast jumpstarts its exhibition season by hosting a reception for Back to Basics on Friday evening, June 17, from 5:30 to 8 pm. Back to Basics is an all black and white photography exhibit featuring the human back and will be on display until July 14.

“I’ve assembled about a dozen photographs that present the human back in a simple, elegant, and graceful style”, explains Charles Laurier Dufour, the artist and gallery owner. Some lean more toward the classic figure portrait, others toward the abstract. In one, for example, a posterior torso bends and curves, gracefully displaying the arched vertebral column and expressed shoulder blades of a porcelain-like figure, sharply contrasted against surrounding rough granite, old wooden planks, and an obscured black background.

Another features the same general components, yet is presented more classically; a woman sits askew on a fallen tree trunk, exposing her muscular yet feminine back while tying her hair, her gaze fixed upon a mushroom on the forest floor. Some were shot indoors, some outdoors, including one shot in the snow.

The opening reception for Back to Basics will offer edible delectables by Georgia. For more information, call 338-6448 or email or visit Charles Laurier Dufour’s website.

The 17th Annual Chamber Music Festival is offering three outstanding musical evenings in mid-June, the last of which will feature Cassatt Ensemble at the Dunaway Center on Friday, June 17 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available for $12 at the door. FMI about 2011 exhibits, workshops and special events call 207-646-8400 or visit Barn Gallery online.

Gallery One Eleven
, 111 Main Street, Wiscasset, Maine will host a major art event on June 18th from 3:30 to 6 PM. Donna Barnako of Wiscasset will show her new collection of handmade jewelry and visitors may also experience the exquisite basket making talents of Dominca Lord-Wood of Woolwich. Both women are masters of their art which you can enjoy while savoring cool wine or soft drinks and Italian hors d’oeuvres from Amore Bistro Italiano in Boothbay Harbor, which is also owned by Gallery One Eleven’s owners, Shane Riley and Gene Damon.

Donna Barnako specializes in etched copper, brass and sterling silver that has been colored , antiqued and embellished with both vintage and artisan-made accents. Also included in her collection of bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings are pieces made of intricate beadwork that are labors of love.

The talents of Dominca Lord-Wood are equally rewarding. This cultural anthropologist fashions baskets in many shapes, sizes and colors using only natural fibers- willow, pine needles, cornhusks, straw, sea grass, day lilly and iris leaves, honeysuckle and wisteria vines as well as reed and pine needles. FMI visit Gallery One Eleven online.

Come to Harlow Gallery as Kennebec Vallery Art Association presents a showing of “How to Draw a Bunny,” Thursday June 23 from 7 to 8 pm. Interviews with Christo, Chuck Close, Roy Lichtenstein, Judith Malin, James Rosenquist and others help to illuminate the life and work of Warhol contemporary Ray Johnson. The story of the life of artist Ray Johnson is cloaked in mystery not only at the moment of his death, but also throughout a career that was difficult to know and to understand. As one of the seminal figures in the Pop Art era, Johnson is known as the founding father of mail art and as a collagist extraordinaire.

But, overshadowed by those like Warhol who manipulated that world in a very dissimilar manner, he was also a reclusive and sometimes enigmatic figure who has been called New York’s most famous unknown artist, but who challenged the commercial and critical establishment. Written by Sujit R. Varma. Movie fans are welcome to stay after the screening for a discussion of the film led by members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association. Movie Nights at the Harlow are always free and open to the public. FMI, call 207-622-3813 or visit Harlow Gallery online.

Thomas Hager, “Departure”

The UMaine Museum of Art in Bangor will host NEW DAWN FADES: Photographs by Thomas Hager June 24 through September 24.

In New Dawn Fades, Thomas Hager pays homage to, and expands upon, early photographic processes developed and practiced in the 1840s by Sir John Herschel and Anna Atkins. By re-examining these historical processes the photographer forges a distinct path, employing new techniques and technology to achieve his large-scale images.

In several of the featured works that incorporate figurative elements, Hager looks to art history for inspiration; works by Leonardo da Vinci, Andreas Vesalius and others are layered atop Hager¹s photographs of various models. At times Hager points the camera on himself. In the haunting self-portrait Departure, the nude torso of the photographer is layered with an anatomical drawing of a skeleton, as if wrestling with the dualities of flesh and spirit. Noted photographer Duane Michals, with whom Hager studied, states that the artist is attempting something with photography that is almost impossible: to make visible essential metaphysical questions about the self and its chaos of contradictions.

The exhibition also features a stunning assortment of botanicals created using both cyanotype and van dyke brown processes that reflect the photographer¹s on-going interest in the intersection of art and science. Hager’s enlarged depictions of ginger, clover and sweet peas are several generations removed from his initial shot. The degradation that occurs to images during this multi-stepped process ultimately renders plants with an enhanced tonal range that disintegrates into the soft glow of their environments. In particular, Hager’s rich Prussian blue botanicals draw associations to photographic pioneer Anna Atkins’ cyanotype photograms of algae and ferns.

Admission to the Museum is FREE in 2011 thanks to Machias Savings Bank in
honor of Ted Leonard. FMI call (207) 561-3350, email or visit UMMA online.

Sarah Szwajkos, “Clean Fridge, Moving Day”
Below: Sean Alonzo Harris, “I Remember Warm Rain,” Jim Nickelson, “The Tarn”

UMMA‘s Photo National 2011: A Survey of Contemporary Photography will open June 24. The exhibition features 76 works of art by 34 fine art photographers from throughout the United States. Photographers were chosen through a highly competitive jury process. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the diversity of contemporary photographic processes and various approaches prevalent today.

Photo National 2011 features a considerable quantity of color images which underscore the wide-spread practice of digital photography and archival inkjet printing. Works in a range of styles including historical photographic processes, photo-collage and assemblage, photo-documentary and abstraction are highlighted.

A number of Maine-based photographers are represented in the exhibition including: Jeffery C. Becton (Deer Isle), Melonie Bennett (Gorham), Leslie Bowman (Prescott), Anne-Claude Cotty (Stonington), Julie K. Gray (South Portland), Sean Alonzo Harris (Portland), Robert Moran (Bar Harbor), Jim Nickelson (Camden), Dianna Rust (Camden), Sarah Szwajkos (Rockland) and Shoshannah White (Portland).

Photo National 2011 was juried by Brian Paul Clamp, Director of ClampArt Gallery, NYC and George Kinghorn, Director & Curator, UMaine Museum of Art. UMMA focuses on exhibiting contemporary art in all media and has a permanent collection of over 3,100 objects with strengths in contemporary photography, works of paper, and original prints. The Museum will devote all of its main exhibition galleries to the Photo National 2011 exhibition. FMI call (207) 561-3350, email or visit UMMA online.

Portland Museum of Art will present Beautiful Darling as part of the Movies at the Museum programming. Showings are on Friday, June 24 at 6:30 pm, Saturday June 25 at 2 pm, and Sunday June 26 at 2 pm. Beautiful Darling chronicles the short but influential life of Candy Darling who was a major part of Andy Warhol’s entourage and was one of the inspirations for the Lou Reed song Walk on the Wild Side.

Born James Slattery in a Long Island suburb in 1944, he transformed himself into a gorgeous, blonde actress and well-known downtown New York figure. Candy’s career took her through the raucous and revolutionary off-off-Broadway theater scene and into Andy Warhol’s legendary Factory. There she became close to Warhol and starred in two Factory movies that still shock and amuse today: Flesh and Women in Revolt.

The film uses both current and vintage interviews, excerpts from Candy’s own diaries and letters, as well as vintage footage of Candy and friends. Chloë Sevigny appears as the voice of Candy Darling. Beautiful Darling also features appearances by Paul Morrissey, Micheal J. Pollard, and John Waters. NR. FMI, call 207-775-6148 or visit Portland Museum of Arts’s movie listings online.

Jaine Jacobs, untitled

The Stadler Gallery in Kingfield is pleased to announce the opening of its summer season with an exhibition of work by Jaine Jacobs of Rangeley, Maine, and a group show with works of its gallery artists. The exhibitions will be on view from June 25 to July 15, with a reception on Saturday, July 2, from 2-4 pm.

“Jaine in Maine” is what Jacobs calls her show, referring to her recent move from the suburbs of New York City to her property in Rangeley. Being greatly inspired by the world around her, this relocation filled her with renewed energy and inspiration.

With a background in ceramics exclusively, Jacobs shifted her use of clay from the three dimensional form of her vessels to a two dimensional substrate which she subsequently proceeded to use instead of canvas. Works in mixed media followed suit. Greatly appreciating her capability of now being able to shift back and forth between these two media she takes full advantage of the wide spectrum between approaching works with the immediacy of mixed media applying clay as substrate instead of canvas, and the slow nature of clay when used to express an idea building three dimensional objects.

Ten years ago to this date Ulrike Stadler, an artist herself, decided to use her magnificent New England barn not only as a studio space for herself, but to open it up as a gallery for contemporary art. FMI, visit Stadler Gallery online at http:// or call (207) 265-5025.

allen david GALLEY will host an artists’ reception for Celene Farris, Robert Grant, Brenda Haley, Nancy Lee Lovley, and Claire Vigneau Friday July 1, 6 to 8 pm. The reception features live jazz by Fran Vigneau. The exhibit will be on display June 29 through July 6.

Save the Date: Grandparents’ and Kids’ Day at the Portland Museum of Art on Wednesday, June 29! Summer days with your grandchild are very special. Spend one at the Museum seeing the art through each others’ eyes. You’ll create a fond memory of looking, learning, and making art together. 10 am to 1 pm, $30 per adult, $15 per child/$20 per adult, $10 per child members. FMI, call 207-775-6148 or visit Portland Museum of Art online.

Ongoing Exhibitions

Bayview Gallery in Brunswick is showing Common Ground: Uncommon Perspectives, featuring Mariella Bisson, William Simpson, Paul Stone and James Urbaska. FMI, call 800-244-3007 or email

Jean Kigel’s Lotus Series will be exhibited at the Waldoboro Public Library on 958
Main Street during the month of June. FMI, call the library at 832-4484 or the artist at 832-5112. Additional “Virtual Galleries” may be viewed on line at Jean Kigel’s website.

The Portland Museum of Art presents Maine Moderns: Art in Seguinland, 1900-1940, on exhibit now through September 11.FMI, call 207-775-6148 or visit Portland Museum of Art online.

The Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset will exhibit Illustrated Passages: Artworks Illustrating Paragraphs and Poems through July 10. Visit Maine Art Gallery online for details or call 207-882-7511.

River Arts in Damariscotta will host a watercolor workshop taught by Marlene Loznicka June 18 and 19 from 10 am to 4 pm. This workshop is recommended for intermediate and advanced students. For detailed information, visit River Arts online.

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth will highlight Stephanie Bartron-Miscione and David Little in solo shows as well as exhibiting Printmaker’s Art through July 12 and open with a reception on Wednesday, June 15 from 5–7 pm. FMI please call 667-6611 or visit Courthouse Gallery online.
Portland Museum of Art will present Winter in Wartime as part of the Movies at the Museum programming. Showings are on Friday, June 17 at 6:30 pm, Saturday June 18 at 2 pm, and Sunday June 19 at 2 pm.

The Portland Museum of Art presents a day-long discussion entitled Symposium: Making it Meaningful: Interpreting Unique Sites and Experiences on Friday, June 17, 9:30 am to 5 pm. Tickets are $50. FMI, call Vanessa Nesvig at 775-6148, ext. 3227.

Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill is showing Brita Holmquist, Monica Kelly, Judith Leighton, Gayle Lewis, Julie Metz and Michael Rich through July 7. FMI visit Leighton Gallery online or call (207) 374-5001.

Maine Art Gallery is calling for artists and craftspeople for a sidewalk art sale held Saturday June 25 in Wiscasset Village. Deadline June 17. FMI, call 207-882-7511.

The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland has launched a new exhibition in the Wyeth Study Center entitled Andrew Wyeth: The Road to Olsons. The exhibition will run through October 30. FMI call 207-596-6457 or visit Farnsworth Museum online.

CRAFT gallery in Rockland opens its second season with “Telling Stories,” on show through July 1. FMI call 207-594-0167 or visit CRAFT gallery online.

New Era Gallery of Vinalhaven opened summer season with “Winter Works”—a first look at what’s been going on this winter in the studios of your favorite artists, on display through June 22. FMI, call 863-9351, or visit New Era Gallery online.

Gleason Galleries in Boothbay Harbor presents HELEN ST. CLAIR: The Figure and PHILIP BARTER and MATT BARTER: Father and Son through June 28.FMI, call 207-633-6849 or visit Gleason Fine Art online.

Former members of Belfast’s Artfellows Gallery will exhibit work at Betts Gallery in Belfast through June 25. FMI, call (207) 338-6465 or visit The Belfast Framer online.

Greenhut Galleries in Portland will present Maine Light through June 25. Contact Greenhut Galleries at or (207) 772-2693, or visit Greenhut Galleries online.

Carver Hill Gallery, Rockland, kicked off June with an exhibit featuring Ukrainian Artist Mikhail Mikora and Maine Artist Dianne Schelble. Work will be on display until June 27. FMI, visit Carver Hill Gallery online or call (207)594-7745.

Portland Museum of Art will exhibit Refashioned through July 31. Contemporary artists, Lauren Gillette, Anne Lemanski, and Angelika Werth use the configuration of an article of clothing or hairstyle as an armature for historical narratives. FMI, call (207) 775-6148 or visit the Portland Museum of Art online.

Gleason Fine Art in Portland is showing OF ISLANDS AND OCEANS: Barrett, Beers, Betts, Billis, Curry, Isaacs, Neville, and Witbeck through July 30. Gleason artists Jeff Barrett, Kevin Beers, Brad Betts, Mitch Billis, Tom Curry, Henry Isaacs, John Neville, and David Witbeck show off their favorite subject matter. FMI, call 207-699-5599 or visit Gleason Fine Art online.
Haynes Galleries in Thomaston will exhibit Gary Akers: Maine Mornings through June 29. FMI, call (207)354-0605 or visit Haynes Galleries online.