Openings + Shows: More First Fridays in August

Eric Hopkins Cuts Loose, New Work at Isalos Fine Art

On August 2 Eric Hopkins: Cutting Loose will open at Isalos Fine Art in Stonington, Maine. The exhibition will be the first to feature the artist’s latest work in painted wood relief. Recently, Hopkins wrote about his new art form, which he calls cutouts.

“I’ve always liked working with wood—building things or cutting and splitting wood to keep me warm. Bucky Fuller said something about how burning wood released the sun’s energy. My grandfather had a sawmill when I was young. As kids we liked to go play in the sawdust mountains and later pick raspberries that grew up around the sawdust and slab piles.

“These recent wood cutouts evolved from cutting pieces of glass to incorporate in blown-glass globe forms. One thing led to another, and I found it easier and more hands-on to work with wood than to deal with all the technology of molten glass.

“After so many years of painting illusions of land, water, and sky I started getting antsy to make things. I like the physicality of working with wood. At first I would draw then cut out simplified abstracted shapes of land and clouds. More recently I’ve taken cues from the grain of the wood to make the shapes—like drawing with wood. There’s something very direct about cutting wood on the band saw, refining the shapes with a coarse grinder, gluing them up and painting the images—all very direct.

“I’m influenced by a great many artists who have cut out and found shapes: Louise Nevelson, Blackie Langlais, Robert Indiana, Red Grooms, Alex Katz, Frank Stella, Sam Cady, and Henri Matisse. Of course growing up around boat yards and boat builders, I was very aware of many great leftover shapes. I had a portable band saw mill when I built my house and saw many incredible shapes and patterns in the leftover scraps. When I was cutting a road to my new property on North Haven I had no studio. I found organic and cubist inspiration in the stumps, roots, and branches that evolved into sculptures based on fish forms—à la Brancusi.

Now, with this new work, I’m acknowledging all this background of wood in my life.”

Eric Hopkins: Cutting Loose will be on view at Isalos Fine Art from August 2 through 14. A reception with the artist is scheduled for Friday, August 5, from 4 to 7 p.m. For more information, contact Isalos Fine Art at 207-367-2700 or, or visit

Listen to the 7/30 Café radio show and Anthony’s interview with Eric Hopkins

Openings + Shows

Ralf Feyl, “Standard Bearer”

Gleason Fine Arts in Portland will exhibit Ralf Feyl: Threshold, new oil paintings, August 4 through September 24 with an opening reception Thursday August 4 from 5 to 7 pm. Friendship realist Rlaf Feyl spent a year creating this extraordinary body of work that will surely rank as one of Maine’s landmark shows in 2011. FMI, call 207-699-5599 or email

David Witbeck, “Jason”

Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay Harbor will show Carol Jessen: Out and About and William Irvine, Jeff Barrett, and David Witbeck: Put a Smile on your Face! August 4 through September 7. Opening reception: Saturday, August 6, from 5 to 7pm. Public cordially invited. FMI call 207-633-6849 or email

Lesia Sochor, “Toscana”

The Betts Gallery at The Belfast Framer in Belfast will be featuring the new work of artist Lesia Sochor from August 5 through 27 with a reception August 5 from 5 to 8 pm. Italia, Bella is the title of this show. A trip to Italy was the catalyst which provoked this body of work. Intimate glimpses of Italy’s rich culture emerge through graphite and colored pencil drawings, as well as oil paintings. FMI, call 207-338-6465 or visit The Belfast Framer online.

The weekly Belfast Art Walk continues this Friday evening, August 5, as over a dozen art studios and galleries welcome art lovers from 5:30 to 8 pm. Most of the downtown galleries are located within two city blocks and offer refreshments. This week, you’ll find new artwork and artist receptions at two venues. Betts Gallery at The Belfast Framer will feature recent paintings by Lesia Sochor. At 75 Main Street Studio, recent collage, assemblage, and paintings by Daniel Anselmi are featured. Oils, watercolor, and acrylics by Ian Bruce will be the toast of the pink champagne reception at Beyond the Sea.

There will also be performance art on the street, which always includes live music! For information on the art walks, go to

Otty Merrill, “Mind Over Matter”

We The People is currently on exhibit at Mars Hall Gallery in Martinsville. The show features works by Ronald Frontin, one of Maine’s most renowned portraitists. Frontin is known for his portraits of dignitaries such as Senator Margaret Chase Smith and Governor John McKernan, as well as those of people going about their daily activities such as picking blueberries, lobstering, digging potatoes, clamming and hanging up laundry. These portraits demonstrate Frontin at his best: they reveal the essence of both Mainers and Maine and become not only portraits of people but also of place.

As respected as Frontin is as an artist, he is equally well-regarded as an instructor. Frontin teaches his craft to aspiring artists at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland. His students, consider him an inspiring instructor, offering only praise for his abilities. The image above was created by his student Otty Merrill.

Brian Kliewer “From The Stern”

In the main gallery at Mars Hall, the show Latitude and Longitude refers to the point where latitude and longitude intersect to delineate a place or geographical location. This show features the colorful European paintings of Kris Johnson, the abstract works of Charles DuBack and Russell Smith, the mixed media collages of Eleanor Zuccola and the more realistic land and seascapes of Nancy Baker, Alison Hill and Brian Kliewer. Also included are the scenic watercolors of Leo Brooks, Nat Lewis, Elaine Reed and Carl Sublett and the dimensional works of Bill Cook, Blanche Sefton Lutz, Edward Mackenzie, Marilyn Quint Rose and Andy Rosen that are either inspired by an actual place or one created in the artist’s imagination. “Latitude and Longitude” runs through August 21.

FMI, call 207-372-9996 or visit Mars Hall Gallery online.

Matolcsy Arts Center Gallery in Norway will host the “Best of the Best” Juried Art Show, showcasing a wide variety of media, oil, water, mixed media, August 5 through August 31 with an opening reception August 5 from 5 to 7 pm. Free admission and handicap accessible. FMI, call 207-743-7813.

Irma Cerese, “Newagen 2”

Landing Gallery in Rockland is pleased to announce the exhibit LANDSCAPE: VISIONS OF COLOR, a solo show of new acrylic paintings by Irma Cerese from Aug 5 through Sept 25 with an opening reception on Friday, Aug 5 from 5 to 8 pm.

Color is the basis for this new body of work which incorporates elements of the natural world. Landscape subjects are a common ground between the artist and viewer, becoming a reference point to experience Cerese’s primary focus of color relationships. The inherent qualities of paint surface, color, and geometric shapes are perfectly balanced with the landscape subject so that both are seen simultaneously, each element creating a unique dialogue with the viewer. FMI please call (207) 594-4544 or visit Landing Gallery online.

George Pearlman
Below: Scotty Tubby

CRAFT gallery in Rockland opens a new show on August 5 with works by glass artist David Jacobson and eight of the foremost and respected potters in Maine today: Autumn Cipala, Robert Lash, David Orser, George Pearlman, Gail Savitz, Diana Thomas, Scott Tubby and Simon van der Ven.

Hand-built or wheel thrown, ceramic art is the convergence of painting, sculpture, architecture and design. Each of the eight potters has a distinct style and method of working, using a variety of clays, methods of firing, and innovative glazing techniques. Influences vary from minimal art, Japanese aesthetic and classical forms. Some celebrate the errors and flaws that make a work come alive; some prefer the serenity and perfection of translucent glazes that hide little.

CRAFT’s exclusive glass artist, David Jacobson, combines contemporary colors with classical forms, often employing texture with color. Uneven surfaces and edges are intentional and invite touching, with influences coming from textile designs, animal markings, and geometric patterns. He has studied classical and advanced techniques and is still exploring new ways of working in glass.

To complement and counterbalance the power of pottery and glass, CRAFT has chosen Susan van Campen’s two watercolors “Sunflower, November I & II”, an exquisite nod to the coming of autumn by this accomplished Maine watercolorist. FMI call 207-594-0167 or visit CRAFT gallery online.


Mary Ellen TK Serina, “The Last Spring Snowstorm #3”

Paradise Studio in East Boothbay will host an Open House brunch on August 5 from 10 am to 2 pm. To make sure visitors have time to enjoy the tour, the studio will offer an early hors d’oeuvre brunch. The menu will include crabmeat-broccoli quiche, oatmeal bars, fruit and assorted juices.

Paradise Studio will be showcasing the new realistic oil paintings entitled “The Last Spring Snowstorm” of Mary Ellen TK Serina. They are remembrances of a spring snows-squall abating in March at sunset with puffy flakes visible before the setting sun and a large patch of clear blue sky where the clouds broke above. A third painting in the series will be auctioned at the Boothbay Region Land Trust event on August 11. Reproductions and note cards of all of Serina’s paintings are available for purchase at Paradise Studio and make wonderful gifts. FMI, visit Paradise Studio online or call (207) 633-6093

Åarhus Gallery in Belfast is pleased to have Wiscasset printmaker R. Keith Rendall as their guest artist for the month of August. The show runs through August 28 with an opening reception Friday August 5, 5 to 8 pm. “My intention is to present the creature in its natural form; to abstain from personification, to challenge the viewer to abandon the desire to attach ones own meaning and interpretation to the physical presence of a wild being,” says the artist. FMI visit Aarhus Gallery online or call (207) 338-0001.

On Friday, August 5, the Farnsworth Art Museum and The Strand Theatre will be presenting the August First Friday Film: !Women Art Revolution. The film will be shown at The Strand Theatre in Rockland at 8 p.m., and will be followed by a brief discussion.

Through intimate interviews, art, and rarely seen archival film and video footage, !Women Art Revolution reveals how the Feminist Art Movement fused free speech and politics into an art that radically transformed the art and culture of our times.

!Women Art Revolution elaborates the relationship of the Feminist Art Movement to the 1960s anti-war and civil rights movements and explains how historical events, such as the all-male protest exhibition against the invasion of Cambodia, sparked the first of many feminist actions against major cultural institutions. The film details major developments in women’s art of the 1970s, including the first feminist art education programs, political organizations and protests, alternative art spaces such as the A.I.R. Gallery and Franklin Furnace in New York and the Los Angeles Women’s Building, publications such as Chrysalis and Heresies, and landmark exhibitions, performances, and installations of public art that changed the entire direction of art.

This film is part of a series in collaboration with The Strand Theatre in Rockland presented monthly on first Fridays focusing on artists and the visual arts, with a brief discussion following the film. Tickets are $7 members, $8.50 nonmembers and are for sale at The Strand box office prior to the film. For more information please call the Education Department at 207-596-0949 or visit the museum’s website.

images: Jon Kolkin, “In Repose”
Below: Jon Kolkin, “Draped Over the Night Sky”
Laurie Goddard, “Springdom”

Carver Hill Gallery in Rockland will show Lyrical Landscapes and DreamScapes featuring Laurie Goddard and Jon Kolkin with an opening reception August 5 during the First Friday Art Walk, 10 am to 8 pm.

Laurie Goddard has created a series of lyrical abstracted landscapes on paper and panel. She sees these visual interpretations as distillations of time spent in Italy, Japan, the Middle East and her home in Western Massachusetts. Laurie was heavily influenced by her study of architecture and calligraphy in Japan, and her recent trip to the Middle East has had a profound effect on her work, as well. “Now that I have traveled a bit in the Middle East – Morocco, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – the desert, the pace and rhythms of the Bedouin, the colors, the role of women (their clothing) and particularly the music are influencing my work in many new ways.”

Jon Kolkin’s DreamScapes are his way of elucidating his
dream world onto paper through his camera. “It is my firm conviction there are more than 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time,” says Kolkin. Scientists specializing in quantum physics support this theory. However, from a more personal perspective, I am intrigued by this concept because of the breathtaking and inspirational experiences I sometimes have in my dreams. I visualize these Dreamscapes in vivid, rich colors, often situated in a lush and sensual environment. I am able to glide through these landscapes, surveying this world from unique macro and micro vantage points. In this journey I also discover intricately designed objects that I have never seen or conceived of…”

FMI call 207-594-7745 or visit Carver Hill Gallery online.

Kitty Wales, “Hotpoint”

New Era Gallery of Vinalhaven will feature photographs by Joel Greenberg, paintings and prints by Tom Lieber, and sculpture and prints by Kitty Wales on show August 6 through 31 with an artist’s reception on Saturday August 6, from 4 to 7 pm.

Joel Greenberg’s extensive body of photographs includes compelling images of the people and landscapes of Vinalhaven. Internationally known abstract artist Tom Lieber returns to Vinalhaven regularly to work with Chris Clarke at the Engine House Press, where his work is inspired by the view out the windows of the busy harbor and distant oceanic horizon. Kitty Wales will install her large steel hanging sharks in the Windy Way Barn, with smaller sculpture and prints in the main gallery. Max Ascrizzi and Lisa Dorr will also do an installation in the Windy Way Barn, where they will create a handmade room. FMI, visit New Era Gallery online.

Members of the Kennebec Valley Arts Association will be selling their work at the Center for Maine Craft located at the West Gardiner Service Plaza in Lewiston on August 6 from 10 am to 1 pm. The KVAA Studio Day is a part of the Center for Maine Crafts Summer Event Calendar where they feature a different artist every Saturday.

The event will feature a demonstration by Rick DeBruin, live music by Rob Sherman, and members of the KVAA who will be selling their individual artwork. As a part of the Maine Fiber Arts tour weekend, fiber artist and KVAA member Michelle DeBruin will be selling her work that day as well. In the event of rain the Center for Maine Craft will be holding a Demo Day featuring Rick DeBruin and Maine Fiber Tour Center for Maine Craft featured Artist Michelle DeBruin. For more information please visit Maine Crafts Association online.

Carolyn Caldwell, “Afternoon”
Below: Abbott Meader, “Three Travelers”

The Stadler Gallery in Kingfield is currently showing paintings by Carolyn Caldwell and work by Abbott and Nancy Meader, August 6 to August 26, with a reception for the artists on Saturday, August 6 from 2 to 4 pm.

“The Color of Air” is the title of Caldwell’s show, and if she has tried to give air a color, she has certainly succeeded. Even objects like trees take on an air-like image, giving them the appearance of incredible lightness, almost like fluffy cotton balls. Observing landscapes in the twilight as colors become subdued, details removed and shapes simplified, Caldwell reveals the subjects of her paintings just as their serene and tender core becomes apparent.

Abbott Meader has created a series titled “Invention On A Child’s Drawing,” a selection of which is on view in this show. The series is created by taking actual children’s drawings in order to make new structures and combinations based on his insight and reaction to them, using a variety of media from oil and acrylic to mixed media on cardboard, canvas or panel, to name a few. Putting the drawings into new contexts and combinations he suggests his own narrative with the intent to rediscover and emphasize the serious imagination children bring to their drawings.

Under the title “Some Conclusions,” Nancy Meader is showing a group of tall hand-built raku pots, as well as a series of small vessels, also hand built and fired in the raku process. She is using a small outdoor kiln which gives somewhat unpredictable results thus adding to the charm her clay families are radiating. Please view Stadler Gallery online for more information.

Inka Essenhigh, “Green Goddess I”
Richard Van Buren, “Slinger”
Ethan Hayes-Chute, “
Fragmented Cabin Study in 1:10 Scale”

The Center for Contemporary Art in Rockport will open four new exhibitions on Saturday, August 6, with a public reception for the artists from 4 to 6 p.m. The exhibitions include “Un/natural Splendor,” with paintings and monotypes by Inka Essenhigh and sculpture by Richard Van Buren; “Burn Drawings and Recent Paintings” by Reese Inman, part of the statewide 2011 Maine Drawing Project; “Stopgap and Steadfast,” an installation and recent drawings and sculpture by Ethan Hayes-Chute; and “Banded Artifacts/Banded Men,” with photographs, sculpture, paintings, and drawings by Paul Oberst.

The recent works of Inka Essenhigh and Richard Van Buren reference the natural world—Essenhigh’s filtered through her own internal dreamscape and Van Buren’s through his neo-baroque sensibility. Inspired by myth, folklore, and fairy tales, Essenhigh’s contemporary narratives evoke an air of disquietude beneath the mesmerizing beauty of their imagery and execution. The extravagant, flowing forms and iridescent surfaces of Van Buren’s latest sculptures are inspired by the light and landscape of the Maine coast.

Reese Inman’s art explores the impact of computer technology on everyday life, making elements of digital process visible that are not readily apparent. The artist’s ethereal, lace-like “burn” drawings and colorful “algorithm map” paintings are created through a meticulous retracing by hand of output from computer algorithms, which Inman codes. “Technology,” she says, “permits us to extend ourselves beyond the physical limits of time and space, such that the swarms of bits and bytes circulating the Internet might be considered the blood of a collective organism… On the other hand, technology offers equal potential for separation, for distancing ourselves, for fantasy, and for the control and customization of daily experience.”

Ethan Hayes-Chute works in a variety of media, his work suggesting potential living situations based on his concepts of self-sufficiency, self-preservation, and self-exclusion. In “Stopgap and Steadfast,” Hayes-Chute has created a new, full-scale, site-specific installation created from found and reclaimed materials, outfitted with recycled and improvised furnishings and day-to-day ephemera and artifacts. He often can be found exploring dumps and perusing second-hand shops for potential objects to populate his constructions.

Artist Paul Oberst creates objects that reference universal themes of ritual and ceremony. Recently he has been “banding” his created objects and photographic subjects in black and white and colored stripes, inspired by the “trickster” gods of the Southwest Pueblo people. In his photographs of banded men and boys, one senses a mysterious rite, interrupted. FMI, visit CMCA online.

Deidre O’Flaherty, “A Walk Not Spoiled”

Barn Gallery in Ogunquit will hold its Late Summer Exhibition August 10 through September 10 with a gala public reception on Saturday, August 20, 5 to 8 pm. On August 11, Showcase artists Photographer Stuart Nudelman and Printmaker Deidre O’Flaherty will talk about their work and their personal responses to the world around them.

As part of The Maine Drawing Project, ‘Drawing the Line’ shows work in different drawing media on two-dimensional surfaces. OAA Expressions features art in a wide variety of subject and medium. Photographer Stuart Nudelman and printmaker Deidre O’Flaherty have Showcase exhibitions in the North Gallery. Invited New England Sculptors continue to display three-dimensional work in the outdoor Sculpture Court. An every changing array of small works of art is always available in the Collectors Gallery. FMI, call 207-646-8400 or go to Barn Gallery online.

Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine will be hosting a book launch and signing for Sammy in the Sky, written by Barbara Walsh and illustrated by artist Jamie Wyeth on Wednesday, August 10, from 1 to 4 pm. The event, which is free and open to all, will take place in the museum’s Victorian garden, on Elm Street between Main and Union Streets.

Sammy in the Sky is a deeply affecting tale of love, loss, and remembrance. Sammy, the best hound dog in the whole wide world, loves his girl and she loves him. When illness cuts Sammy’s life short, the girl’s family keeps his spirit alive by celebrating his love of chasing wind-blown bubbles, keeping loyal guard at night, and offering his velvety fur for endless pats and tummy scratches. Painter Jamie Wyeth’s illustrations— infused with his realist style and lifelong fondness for dogs— radiate the joy and sadness of every tongue-licking, tail-wagging moment in this heartening and lovingly rendered story written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barbara Walsh. FMI, please contact the Museum Store at 207-596-5789.

Clockwise from top left: “Antique Porcelain Vase” by Barbara Applegate; “Breakers and Boulders” by Dale Ratcliff; “Lupine Ridge” by Suzanne Harden; “Curtis Island Light” by Marieluise Hutchinson

Brunswick Gallery will exhibit Her Mark: Paintings by Our Women Artists, beginning with an opening reception during Brunswick’s Second Friday Art Walk on Friday, August 12 from 5 to 7:30 pm. Bayview Gallery is proud to represent a growing number of talented women artists working in a diverse range of media, style and subjects.

Exhibiting artists include Barbara Applegate, Mariella Bisson, Laura Eden, Suzanne Harden, Marieluise Hutchinson, Janet Laird-Lagassee, Wendy Newcomb, Phyllis Purvesmith, Dale Ratcliff, and Helen Rundell. Bayview Gallery, in Brunswick and Camden, represents more than 40 artists producing paintings ranging in styles from American Impressionism to Contemporary Realism.FMI, call 207-729-5500 or email

Celebrating Olde Bristol Days, Pemaquid Art Gallery at Pemaquid Point hosts “Meet the Artists Reception” on Friday, August 12 from 3 to 5 pm.

Some of the finest art in the region can be found locally at the Pemaquid Art Gallery at Lighthouse Park, a little jewel of a gallery with a long history. There will be an opportunity to meet these painters and sculptors on Friday, August 12 from 3 to 5 pm at the gallery. In addition to viewing new paintings on display, visitors will have the opportunity to watch painting demonstrations by several of the members of the artist group. Refreshments and cold beverages will be served. FMI, visit Pemaquid Art Gallery online.

Sculptor Jesse Salisbury demonstrates how to assemble a new granite sculpture for the members of the Oakland Museum Art Guild in California who were visiting Down East Maine on an art tour guided by Bruce Brown.

Oakland Museum Art Guild Tours Down East Art Venues

Ellsworth Bruce Brown, curator emeritus of CMCA in Rockport, recently guided a group of 26 members from the Oakland Museum Art Guild in California on an art tour through Down East Maine. Guild members Connie Rosenquist and Beverly Sereda organized the trip. This was the group’s second visit to Maine; their first visit was six or seven years ago to southern Maine.

A visit to Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth was the “kickoff” event on this whirlwind art tour that included visits to artists’ studios, galleries, and museums. At Courthouse Gallery painter Philip Frey and sculptor Jesse Salisbury gave lectures about their work. Salisbury, who has a solo show opening August 10 at the gallery, demonstrated how he assembles a granite sculpture. The sculpture is a brand new piece for Salisbury and is made up of five interlocking pieces.

The group also visited the Northeast Harbor studio of Robert Neuman, as he was educated in San Francisco. Other stops included the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, and the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland.

River Arts to Offer Stone Carving Workshops in August

Along with classes in ceramics, painting, and bookmaking River Arts is pleased to offer a Maine specialty – stone carving. The classes, taught by Andy Seferlis, are for beginners, or practiced hands. Week II will occur August 8 through 12.

Stone carving is addictive, tiring and satisfying in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Bring your own stone or let River Arts provide one. Limestone and/or marble can be provided at cost. Sizes and shapes will vary. If you have tools, bring them. Tools will be provided if you don’t own them: chisels, hammers, power tools, angle grinders, extension cords, small compressors. Bring a pencil, notebook, charcoal, gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, all available at your local hardware store.

Further, an alabaster stone carving weekend with Anne Alexander will take place August 16, 17, and 18. This class fee is $180 members/$195 for non-members.

Students will carve small pieces of alabaster stone into organic forms. We will look at examples of nature from the surrounding ecosystem (shells, lichen, plant pods) for inspiration for the forms of our work. Methods of carving including hammering with chisels, filing, sawing, and drilling will be taught. The various methods of finishing the stone from wet sanding to oiling and waxing will be the final part of the workshop.

Anne Alexander primarily carves her work in wood and stone. She makes pieces that range in size from small hand held pieces to human size exterior installations. Her work is organic in form and are abstractions of small life forms from the natural world, (marine life, plant pods, insects etc.) Her work also refers to the human body and expresses themes of life stages, germination, growth, regeneration, sexuality, and cyclic changes. Please refer to her website to see examples of her work.

FMI, call (207) 563-1507 or visit the River Arts website.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle is currently showing work by George Bayliss, Gerald Immonen and Bob Smith through August 6. FMI, call (207) 348-9977, or visit Turtle Gallery online.

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art has new work on view through August 7, by painters Jane Dahmen, Andrew Newman, John Neville, Jessica Stammen, and John David Wissler, and sculptors Kazumi Hoshino and Mark Kindschi. Visit Courthouse Gallery online or call (207) 667-6611.

allen david GALLERY in Boothbay Harbor is currently exhibiting The Maine Coast Show until August 3. FMI, call 207-633-0003 or visit allen david Gallery online.

Coastal Fine Art Alliance of Maine (CFAAM) is presenting outdoor shows, including “Gallery at the Harbor”, 1st annual juried art show, Belfast, August 6 and August 7; and “Gallery on the Green” 12th annual juried art show, downtown Southwest Harbor, August 13 and August 14. FMI, visit

Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor will exhibit work by Matthew Welch-Fits through August 6. FMI, call 207-963-6005, email or visit Littlefield Gallery online.

The Gallery at Frenchman’s Bay along with its fine furniture craftsmen, Chris Becksvoort, William Evans, Kevin Rodel, and Joseph Tracy are extending a warm welcome to The New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association for the first annual furniture and art exhibit in Bar Harbor, through August 3. FMI, please visit Frenchman’s Bay Gallery online.
Greenhut Galleries in Portland’s Old Port presents Sarah Knock in Water: The Surface & Below, August 4 through 27 with an opening reception on First Thursday August 4 from 5 to 7 pm. FMI, call (207) 772-2693 or email

Joy to the Wind Gallery in Boothbay Harbor will exhibit Take a Closer Look, work by John M.T. Seitzer, August 5 through September 1. FMI call (207) 633-7025 or visit Joy to the Wind online.

Edward Hopper’s Maine at Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick runs through October 16. FMI, visit Bowdoin College Museum of Art online or listen to the 7/9 Cafe des Artistes interview with museum director Kevin Salatino.

Courthouse Gallery will host a retrospective exhibition for Stephen Pace (1918-2010) through August 7. FMI call 667-6611 or visit Courthouse Gallery online.

Galerie Dufour in Belfast presents Clothed Nudes, a photography exhibition of fine art natural nudes through August 11. FMI call 338-6448 or email, or visit Charles Laurier Dufour’s website.

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth will highlight new work by Judy Belasco, Philip Frey and Vivian Beer through August 7. FMI, visit Courthouse Gallery online or call (207) 667–6611.

The UMaine Museum of Art in Bangor will host NEW DAWN FADES: Photographs by Thomas Hager and Photo National 2011: A Survey of Contemporary Photography through September 24. FMI call (207) 561-3350, email or visit UMMA online.

The Portland Museum of Art presents Maine Moderns: Art in Seguinland, 1900-1940, on exhibit now through September 11. FMI, call 207-775-6148 or visit Portland Museum of Art online.

The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland will exhibit Andrew Wyeth: The Road to Olsons through October 30. FMI call 207-596-6457 or visit Farnsworth Museum online.

Jean Kigel’s 13th Annual Eastern Views will be on show at Round Top Farm, Damariscotta from August 4 through 10, 2011. This year Kigel presents a new series of gyotaku prints, a kind of monotype printed from a real fish. FMI call (207) 832-5152 or visit