Dreams and Dreamers at Galerie Dufour in Belfast

Charles Laurier Dufour, from Dreams and Dreamers

Charles Laurier Dufour, from Dreams and Dreamers

Dreams and Dreamers, a photography exhibition of fine art natural nudes, will be on display at Galerie Dufour in Belfast from August 12 through September 8 with an opening reception Friday, August 12 from 5:30 to 8 pm.

Three years ago, photographic artist and gallery owner, Charles Laurier Dufour, developed a technique whereby the human form in some of his images appear to be hovering. This technique is not executed via “cut and paste” in digital imaging computer programs as many would believe. Capitalizing on the idea, Dufour exhibited a number of these images in 2009 in a series he called “Hovering Dreamers.” A popular series, Dufour has continued shooting these forms and has added other types of images culminating in the upcoming exhibition. Dreams and Dreamers allows the viewer to take a front seat in someone else’s dream. These compositions are pure fantasy.

“I always enjoy shooting, but whenever I’m shooting for this type of exhibition, I have even more fun,” says Dufour. It’s not so much fun for the models, however, as the photo shoots can be rather physically demanding. “The end product makes it worthwhile for everyone,” he adds.

Dufour uses both film and digital cameras. For this dream series, he’s a bit more liberal on the use of photo manipulation techniques, like extreme color enhancement or simulated solarization, which Dufour usually avoids in his natural fine art figure work. FMI, call (207) 338-6448 or email charlie@du4photo.com, or visit Dufour’s website.