River Arts to Offer Stone Carving Workshops in August

Along with classes in ceramics, painting, and bookmaking River Arts is pleased to offer a Maine specialty – stone carving. The classes, taught by Andy Seferlis, are for beginners, or practiced hands. Week II will occur August 8 through 12.

Stone carving is addictive, tiring and satisfying in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Bring your own stone or let River Arts provide one. Limestone and/or marble can be provided at cost. Sizes and shapes will vary. If you have tools, bring them. Tools will be provided if you don’t own them: chisels, hammers, power tools, angle grinders, extension cords, small compressors. Bring a pencil, notebook, charcoal, gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, all available at your local hardware store.

Further, an alabaster stone carving weekend with Anne Alexander will take place August 16, 17, and 18. This class fee is $180 members/$195 for non-members.

Students will carve small pieces of alabaster stone into organic forms. We will look at examples of nature from the surrounding ecosystem (shells, lichen, plant pods) for inspiration for the forms of our work. Methods of carving including hammering with chisels, filing, sawing, and drilling will be taught. The various methods of finishing the stone from wet sanding to oiling and waxing will be the final part of the workshop.

Anne Alexander primarily carves her work in wood and stone. She makes pieces that range in size from small hand held pieces to human size exterior installations. Her work is organic in form and are abstractions of small life forms from the natural world, (marine life, plant pods, insects etc.) Her work also refers to the human body and expresses themes of life stages, germination, growth, regeneration, sexuality, and cyclic changes. Please refer to her website to see examples of her work.

FMI, call (207) 563-1507 or visit the River Arts website.