“Grant Drumheller: Still Life in Variation” at Greenhut Galleries

Grant Drumheller, “Animal Allegory,” oil on linen, 68 x 48 inches


Greenhut Galleries in Portland proudly presents “Grant Drumheller: Still Life in Variation” with an Opening Reception Sept. 1 from 5-7. The show runs through Oct. 1.

Professor of painting at the University of New Hampshire, Grant Drumheller is the gallery’s featured solo artist in the month of September. Primarily a still life painter, Drumheller’s color ideas and experimentation in paint stem from close observation.  About 5 years ago, the artist started using toy animals in his work and over the years they have driven out most other objects.  From the vantage point of a “birds eye view” Drumheller’s compositions provide an all-encompassing point from which to witness the spectacle of the moment.

Drumheller states,  “The most recent painting, Animal Allegory, is a good example of the kind of mysterious space that I am striving for in my work.  A Mammoth rears its head in the lower section and an elephant projects an ancient shadow on the upper section. Some sort of law or natural order is taking place, a drift of meaning is present and the animal actors- both real and extinct- are enacting a ritual with allegorical and subconscious import. I’m reminded of the “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato, which meditates upon perception, and the meaning of artifice, naturalism and reality. These are some of the things I chew upon as I am making these paintings.”

◊ Listen to the 8/27 Cafe des Artistes radio show (5 minutes) and interview with Greenhut manager Lori Tremblay about Grant Drumheller’s work