Recent Openings in Northeast Harbor

Redfield Artisans Gallery in Northeast Harbor hosted an Opening Reception for Robert S. Neuman to honor his new work on paper and his 85th Birthday. Pictured here clockwise from top left: Thistle Brown, owner of Wingspread Gallery in Northeast Harbor for 40 years, with Solvene Tiffoll of Paris, who was a Wingspread Gallery assistant in 1991: Guest Ashley Stanton (and Rascal and Sweetie) visit with Robert Neuman; gallery owner Rita Redfield and curator Sunne Savage, wife of Neuman; classical guitar music by Richard Parks Anderson. Anthony Anderson, photos.

Across the street, Shaw Contemporary Jewelery had an Opening Reception for “Mathematic Purity” and “Science Art Intersection.” Seen here is local artist Felica Denton with work and gallery guests. An excellent jazz trio fronted by guitarist Ryan Blotnick (worth the Google) played for all.