“Madeleine de Sinéty: Photographs” opens at PMA

Madeleine de Sinéty, Four Loaves, archival pigment print, 10 x 16 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

The Portland Museum of Art is opening a new exhibit of the photographs of Madeleine de Sinéty, Sat. Sept 23 in a show that runs through Dec. 31. During the past 40 years, photographer Madeleine de Sinéty has worked on several continents, quietly documenting the everyday lives and public events of those who reside in obscure rural corners of the world.

This selection of 60 black-and-white and color images will be the first to explore the breadth of de Sinéty’s photographic essays, from her multi-year exploration of traditional French farm families in a small region of Brittany, to village life in Uganda, and finally to the work of a single logger in northern Maine who still uses draft horses to pull this precious natural resource from the woods.

On the lighter side of life in Maine, de Sinéty has also documented the famed photographer and conceptual artist William Wegman, at work in Rangeley making large Polaroid portraits of his dogs. De Sinéty has been a resident of Rangeley, Maine for the past 30 years. This exhibition is the fourth in a series of exhibitions called Circa that explores compelling aspects of contemporary art in the state of Maine and beyond. Circa is a series of exhibitions featuring the work of living artists from Maine and beyond. For more information, visit www.portlandmuseum.org.

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