“Painters, Players and Poets,”

“Painters, Players and Poets,” is a unique collaboration celebrating the tremendous talents of 48 Maine artists. Included in the project are 16 Maine painters, 9 Maine players/composers, 7 Maine poets and 16 Maine chair makers. Visitors to the exhibition are provided with iPods in order to listen to the music or poem that relates to a particular artwork. The inclusion of the handcrafted chairs lies in the effort to create an experience that is both memorable and comfortable at the same time. Viewing the entire exhibit takes approximately one hour and ten minutes.

In the spring of 2009 Writer/Producer Con Fullam asked several well known Maine composers and poets to identify a living Maine painter whose work inspired them, and to then choose a specific painting to interpret via poem or musical composition. That process has now been completed and a traveling exhibition featuring those 16 collaborations has begun with exhibition schedules posted on their website.

Greenhut Galleries artist Monica Kelly worked with poet Martin Steingesser in two collaborations. One where he responded to a work of hers and then for the exhibition, where a work of Monica’s responded to a poem of Martin’s, The Blue Lesson.  “Painters, Players and Poets,” will travel around the state to a variety of locations including the Portland Public Library, Waterfall Arts, LA Arts and University of Maine. Visit www.paintersplayersandpoets.com to learn more about the exhibition.