Maine Farmland Trust Gallery opens “The Art of Mapping”

Anna Abaldo, “October Map”

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast opens a new exhibit “The Art of Mapping” Fri. Oct. 21 from 5-8 pmand will be on display until Nov. 30. Maps can tell stories – about the land they describe, its history, its inhabitants and its use. In this show, Maine Farmland Trust Gallery wants to draw attention to the art and aesthetics of map-making while at the same time using the rich visual language of maps to tell some interesting land-related stories.

Sarah Hart, a Trust staff member, showcases recent data with computer-generated, geo-spatial analysis maps. One map shows an analysis of developed farmland soil (it shows where in Maine houses have been built where crops could have been grown), while another map is a visual display of one of Maine Farmland Trust’s Buy/Protect/Sell projects.

Anna Abaldo, an artist and gallery coordinator at Maine Farmland Trust takes the cartographer’s “art of mapping” and explores turning maps into art. Using mixed media on top of geo-spatial (GIS) maps, she blends the story, crops or habitat of a few specific Maine farms into their aerial landscape. The result is a collection of altered maps revealing (or concealing) the dynamic relationship between the land and its inhabitants in its many layers and textures. This is not unlike the layers of soil and sediment that make up the actual history and texture of our living and working landscape.