Liros Gallery offers free verbal art appraisals.

Albert Ludovici 1820 - 1894 British “Street Urchins”

Ever suspect that the beat up dark painting that you found in your basement might really be a Caravaggio? Or that maybe the duck reproduction you found at that yard sale is actually a Frank Benson etching? That curiosity was probably dampened by the consideration of the cost of a professional appraisal. On Fri. Oct. 28 & Sat. Oct. 29 The Liros Gallery in Blue Hill is offering free verbal art appraisals.

Gallery owner Serge Liros has been selling, framing, restoring and appraising art since starting the gallery in 1966. And as a professional appraiser over the years, Mr. Liros has seen it all, from the owner of a commercial print convinced that it’s a painting, to the jewel of an American primitive plucked from the trash on the way to the dump. Everybody has seen “The Roadshow,” but how many of us will ever see our precious piece on it? It’s a fun hobby, speculating with a few dollars on a find at a flea market or an auction. Kind of like gambling, or a feeling that your educated eye or 6th sense is trying to tell you something.

The Liros Gallery is open until Christmas. FMI, or make an appointment for appraisal, call 374.5370 or visit www