Aarhus Gallery announces annual “Holiday Extravaganza”

Aarhus Gallery in Belfast announces its “Holiday Extravaganza” small works show with 60 + Maine Artists, Craftsmen, Poets and Musicians over 51 days. Come join the fun, meet the artists and help kick off the fourth annual Holiday Extravaganza with an Opening Reception Fri. Nov. 4th from 5-8 pm.

The annual “Holiday Extravaganza” kicks off early this year and runs from November 4th through December 24th. This jam-packed show features smaller artworks and a wide range of creative craftwork priced with gift giving in mind. Over 60 talented Maine artists from throughout the midcoast are represented in a dazzling variety of mediums, including pottery, poetry and painting, collage, etching and photography, woodblock prints, turned wood, fiber, assemblage, cards, calendars, ornaments, new Glass Plate images, jewelry, music, chocolates and more!

Artists who have shown at Aarhus over the past year will be featured, along with some newcomers and the usual Aarhus partners. Artists include Vincent Abaldo, Katia Ancona, Suzanne Anderson, Jes Anthonis, Bernice Arthur, Kate Bauman, Dan Beckman, Jolene Bryant, Phyllis Buchanan, Michael Buckley, Nancy Buckley, Linda Buckmaster, Anne-Claude Cotty, Mj Viano Crowe, Heidi Daub, Dean’s Sweets, James Deane, Liz Deane, Gabriella D’Italia, Ingrid Ellison, Carole Ann Fer, Sallie Findlay, Kathleen Newton Foote, Annadeene Fowler, Free Seedlings Band, Elizabeth Garber, Harold Garde, Carol Gater, Edith Gawler and Bennett Konesni, Gawler Sisters, Ellen Goldsmith, Frances Hodsdon, David Jacobson, Jeffrey Jelenfy, Karen Jelenfy, Kevin Johnson, Jody Johnstone, Judd Jones, Paul Jurutka, Mia Kanazawa, Mark Kelly, Michelle Kelly, A. C. Kulik, Valerie Lawson, Betsy Levine, Joel Lipman, Richard Mann, Barbara Maria, John McAlevey, Kate McLeod, Holly Meade, Cathy Melio, Metaphor Bronze, The Montville Project, Hanako Nakazato, Nire Art, Novel Jazz, Petrea Noyes, Toki Oshima, Leila Ostby, Ben Potter, Rebekah Raye, Abbie Read, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick, R. Keith Rendall, Judy Rock, Betty Schopmeyer,  Erin Seegers,  Lesia Sochor, Karin Spitfire, Prairie Stuart-Wolff, Tandem Glass, Mary Trotochaud, Troy Howard Middle School Garden Project, Nance Trueworthy, Larry Unger, Walter Ungerer, Simon van der Ven, Glen Veevaert, John Vincent, Ellen Wieske, J. Fred Woell, Seth and Tyler Yentes.

Aarhus Gallery is located at 50 Main Street, Belfast and is open Tuesday through Sunday 11-5:30, Mondays by chance, Friday nights til 7 for the month of December, and will close at 3pm on December 24th. Hours will be posted for the late winter and spring seasons. Visit www.aarhusgallery.com  for links to the artists and notice of special events, or call 207-338-0001 during business hours for more information.