Free Appraisals at Liros Gallery Extended

Due to popular demand the Liros Gallery free appraisals have been extended for another week. It’s amazing what treasures lurk in the corners of attics, basements and garages. On the other hand, sometimes they hide in plain sight. That lost Caravaggio discovered in 1990 had been hanging in the residency of a Jesuit school in Dublin for 60 years before an expert recognized it for what it was. What had been thought to be merely a competent 19th century copy of a 17th century Dutch master turned out to be one of  the only 80 surviving masterpieces by the Italian master. It wasn’t only the layers of dirt and old varnish that were hiding the jewel, it was the assumptions that accompanied the previous ownership. Like proofreading a manuscript, sometimes merely a fresh eye is all that’s needed to recognize a mistake. For a free verbal appointment please call for an appointment.

The Liros Gallery in Blue Hill offers custom framing, does restoration and appraisals, and is open until Christmas.  Call 374.5370 or visit