The Vogel Collection continues through January at PMA

Lucio Pozzi "Three Memories in a Red Storm"

Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk and Dorothy Vogel, a librarian, managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history with very modest means. After more than 40 years of collecting art, they decided to start giving the collection away. The Portland Museum has been the recipient of 50 works from a national gifts program entitled The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States. The best-known works in the Vogel Collection are examples of minimal and conceptual art, but they also include pieces of a figurative and expressionist nature. Primarily a collection of drawings, the collection also includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints by artists mainly working in the United States. This exhibition features a selection of the works from the Vogel gift which includes work by artists such as Will Barnet, Richard Tuttle, Claudia De Monte, and Steve Keister. FMI,