Glass restoration a “sea of love”

The owners of the Old Port Tavern approached Phoenix Studio with a simple restoration project and to commission a stained glass matching design to compliment the restored panels. As the project inspired both local business owners, the plethora of hidden ties unraveled into a “sea of love.” Stained glass mermaids reflect the sea maiden theme that is so emblematic of the Old Port Tavern. A triptych seascape, embodying alluring mermaids and Poseidon, the god of the sea, in an array of turquoise, emerald, and coral glass is installed over the fresh-water aquarium that stands behind the bar.

The details of the exquisite glasswork include a fused-glass octopus, vitreous painted visages, and shells from the Maine coast. The Phoenix Studio is a family-owned full service art glass studio on Forest Ave. in Portland, FMI,