2012 Season Opening Reception at Carver Hill Gallery


Ted Keller, “NY Fantasy”

The public is invited to the 2012 Season Opening Reception on May 4 at Carver Hill Gallery in Rockland. Featured is a First Friday Art Walk solo show by watercolorist Ted Keller. The upstairs gallery will feature monoprints from a series of subway drawings entitled “Faces: New York” by Mark Lindsey.  Other artists in the gallery stable will be featured upstairs, as well.  Ted Keller will be flying in from his home in Taos for the opening and for an artist’s talk the following day, Saturday May 5, at 2:00.

Ted Keller taught art courses for the University of Maine for twenty years. Formerly a sculptor and clay artist, Ted spends most of his time painting now. His images are loose, rich in color, and full of life and humor.  The subject matter varies, but most of the paintings are about people in interesting environments. Some scenes are representative of a real place, others are imaginative. Ted says that he feels enormous love for the people he paints, hence the name for this show. He wants the viewer to understand that though his work can appear caricature-ish, he is absolutely showing reverence for his subjects. FMI, carverhillgallery.com