Jonathan Frost Gallery opens with “Beebe and Beebe: A Mother – Daughter Show.”


Barbara Beebe, “Spring Flowers with Burmese Embroidery”

The Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland will open for its sixth summer season with the exhibition “Beebe and Beebe: A Mother – Daughter Show.”  The public is cordially invited to a gala Artists’ Reception from 5 – 8 p.m. on Friday May 25th, featuring live music by Steve Lindsay and Friends.

Barbara Beebe and her daughter Susan have been creating art for decades, sometimes apart, but often together.  Their work shares a joyousness of color and freedom of spirit as well as a love of place.  Barbara’s paintings travel far afield, to Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and the artist’s native North Dakota, while many of Susan’s focus on Maine’s Friendship Long Island, where in 1985 the pair settled into an old farmhouse.  “The island is my favorite place to paint,” says Susan.  Susan trained as an artist at Boston’s Museum School, but Barbara is largely self-taught and came to painting after a highly successful career as a jewelry designer (something she still does); she started drawing as rehabilitation after injuring an arm in a fall on the island ice in 1987.  Since then, both Barbara and Susan have worked together in artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and shown their art in numerous exhibitions throughout the Maine Midcoast and elsewhere.  Susan is also a well-known and popular teacher of art, both with children and adults, as well as an equally well-known professional gardener and environmental activist.

Susan Beebe, “Foxgloves”

Susan and Barbara’s subject matter in this exhibition ranges from striking still lifes to intense florals and evocative landscapes.  Barbara shows a dozen works on paper in brilliant gouache, while Susan exhibits sixteen oils on canvas, as well as two linocuts, one of a Cooper’s hawk with nestlings, and the other a dramatic large image of a snowy owl in flight.

Throughout the season, the Jonathan Frost Gallery presents work by two dozen artists in all media, including Siri Beckman, Phoebe Bly, Rachel Burgess, Carolyn Caldwell, Jonathan Frost, Kathryn Frund, Liz Gribin, Gints Grinbergs, Hugh Gumpel, Peter DeCamp Haines, Alison Hildreth, Constance Kiermaier, Richie Lasansky, Mary Lennox, Steve Lindsay, Edward Mackenzie, Ann Makuck, Holly Meade, Jessie Pollock, Mimo Gordon Riley, Phil Schirmer, Gretchen Dow Simpson, and Joseph Wheelwright.

The “Beebe and Beebe: A Mother – Daughter Show” will run through July 4. FMI, visit or call 596-0800, Nan Mulford, Gallery Director.