Camden Falls Gallery opens with “Jill Valliere: Effulgence”

Jill Valliere, “Glowing Wetlands”


Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to introduce Jill Valliere as the featured artist in their opening show of the season, “Effulgence.” A gallery reception will be held Saturday, June 9, 5 – 7 p.m. at Camden Falls Gallery, 5 Public Landing, Camden. All are welcome to stop by at meet Jill and other Gallery Artists and to celebrate the beginning of Maine’s briefest and most radiant season.

“Shining forth brilliantly” aptly describes Jill Valliere’s artistry. Her unique approach to her mixed media artwork is the on-going result of over four years of experimentation and refining.  Jill’s work exceeds the Gallery’s goals of bringing in fresh and vibrant talent, by using a technique and style that is a whole new form of artwork. Jill has created a totally unique format in the world of fine art.

“My work is about capturing those surreal moments in life when you stop to look around at your surroundings, and suddenly everything seems more vibrant, more ethereal. Some days it’s the power and energy of the scene, others it is the all-encompassing calm and quiet that captivates.

“I have always been drawn to vibrancy and texture in art. By using a process of adding and subtracting, carving and layering, I am able to achieve a textural, almost sculptural quality to my paintings. By adding metal leaf into each piece I am able to represent the effulgent feeling of the moment.” – Jill Valliere

Each of the paintings has countless layers of glazes, paints, plasters, metal foils, and varnishes. The final product is a result of many hours sanding and scraping between layers to expose the numerous colors and textures that have been applied. Each painting is unique and the finish or colors could never be replicated a second time. The resulting work is a combination of careful planning and happy accidents along the way. “Effulgence” runs through June 27. FMI, visit