Landing Gallery opens “Defining & Essential Lines”

Bruce Brown, “After the Ice Storm”

The Landing Gallery in Rockland is opening “Defining & Essential Lines” Friday June 15 in a show that will run through July. Lines are one of the fundamental building blocks of visual artwork. They are an integral element found in both subject matter and the process of drawing, painting, photography & sculpture in this exhibit.  “Defining & Essential Lines” explores how seven Maine artists see, imagine and create their art with the use of lines.

Linden Frederick’s exquisite etchings are beautifully rendered with subtle layers of line that describe his subjects and the tone of light in landscape.  Roberta Baumann’s mysterious and intimate photographs emphasize curved lines.  Her photos often have a feeling of looking through a microscope and discovering new and unfamiliar worlds.  Naomi Aho’s amazingly detailed pencil drawings of bird nests are a metaphor for home, and sanctuary.  The circular nature of her nest drawings also suggests a world or larger universe of great intricacy.  Gifford Ewing uses a 5” x 7” view camera to capture coastal Maine and linear subjects.  His fine B&W photographs are hand printed in his darkroom.  Nancy Linkin’s curvilinear bronze sculptures are simplified linear forms. They have an innate sense of nature, being reminiscent of plant, seashell and other forms found in nature.  Bruce Brown’s keen eye for art is distilled into his refined photographs from recent travel destinations.  His perfectly composed and exposed B&W photographs find linear inspiration in unusual places.  Bruce Busko uses the forest as inspiration for his mystical oil / mixed media work.  Layers of tree trunks and branches exist within a palpable atmosphere, contrasting the linear subject of the forest.

There will be an Opening Reception for “Defining & Essential Lines” on Friday, July 6th, 5-8 p.m. For more information, call 594-4544 or visit