Tunk Mountain Arts and Crafts shows Valerie Aponik and Robin Rier

Valerie Aponik, “Great Wass”

Tunk Mountain Arts and Crafts, home to the William D. Sherar Gallery in Cherryfield will host an opening July 7 from 4 to 7 p.m. The featured artists are Valerie Aponik of Great Wass Island and Robin Rier of Jonesport.  Valerie and Robin have painted plein air together for 7 years and share a wealth of knowledge about our Downeast area.  Their oil paintings impart a sense of place, atmosphere and immediacy only to be found in plein air work. Be it a view from Tunk Mountain or an abandoned skiff, the viewer can feel the ‘sense of place’ and values that are so much a part of the history of this section of the Maine coast. Tunk Mountain Arts and Crafts is located at 639 Blackswoods Road (rte.182) just 3miles from the junction of rte 1 and rte 182 in Cherryfield, next door to the Catherine Hill Winery. For more information please call 546-8948 or visit tunkmountain.com.