Six painters at Courthouse

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth is pleased to present new work by six painters, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Tom Curry, Gregory Dunham, Rosie Moore, Colin Page, and two sculptors Kazumi Hoshino and Mark Kindschi. The show will run through August 12, and is free and open to the public.

Gallery owners Karin and Wilkes are pleased to welcome former Leighton Gallery artists Ragna Bruno and Rosie Moore to Courthouse. Bruno, who is a native of Spain and lives in Hancock, is an abstract painter and sculptor. In addition to her abstracts, a selection of Bruno’s terracotta figures will also be on display, like Goddess, a two-headed vessel finished with a subtle casein patina. Rosie Moore is a longtime oil painter who divides her time between in East Blue Hill and Washington DC. Known for her rich color pallet and painterly brush strokes, Moore bring a sense of joy to her still lifes and coastal scenes.

Judy Belasco, who splits her time between Stockon Springs and Philadelphia, PA, paints the estuaries along the coast of Maine, caturing subtle atmospheric shifts with a keen eye and sensitive hand. Like the nineteeth century landscape painters before her, Belasco celebrates the beauty and spirituality of nature.

Landscape painter Tom Curry, whose work is featured in Island Paintings by Tom Curry, a new book written by Carl Little, will have some of his recent Chatto Island paintings on display, as well as a selection of his vibrant pastels. There will be a book signing with Curry and author Carl Little at the Opening Reception on July 18.

Realist watercolor artist Gregory Dunham, who lives in Castine, is know for his paintings of skiffs, dories, and New England style homes. Dunham captures the solitude of quiet streets and abandoned building with the depiction of intricate detail interspersed with his sensitive rendering of shadows and skies.

Plein air artist Colin Page, who lives in Hope, Maine, continues to paint on Mount Desert Island and throughout the Down East region. His oil painting Acadia Rocks captures the power of the ocean and the ruggedness of the Maine coast. His bold brushstrokes, brilliant depiction of light, and complex color pallet make this young painter one of the most exciting artists to watch in the state.

Kazumi Hoshino has a new granite sculpture, Memory 4, on view. Hoshino was a participant in the 2011 International Schoodic Sculpture Symposium. Her sculpture, Warm Wind, was installed at Roque Bluffs State Park. Hoshino’s work was also exhibited in Four in Maine, a sculpture installation at the Farnsworth Art Museum in 2010.

Metal sculptor Mark Kindschi uses blacksmithing and metalsmithing techniques, both ancient and modern, and works in industrial metals, steel, and iron for their texture, as well as their ability to change color slowly over time—a beautiful progression. His process is directed by the plasticity and movement of steel when heated and hammered, making the work an intimate interaction between artist and material. Kindschi hammers, welds, and hand-colors each sculpture. Before moving to Maine to sculpt fulltime, Kindischi had a thriving career in New York City in the performing arts as a set designer, street performer, acrobat, and wire walker (he was the personal assistant and rigger for Philippe Petit).

Courthouse Gallery is located at 6 Court Street in Ellsworth, and is open daily during July and August. For more information visit