Camden Falls Gallery opens “Maine Cottage and Architecture: Janis Sanders”

Janis Sanders, “A House and Roses”

Camden Falls Gallery opens “Maine Cottage and Architecture: Featuring the Work of Janis Sanders” and all are invited to a reception with the artist on Saturday, August 4th from 5-7 p.m. When gallery patrons encounter Massachusetts artist Janis Sanders’ work for the first time, there is usually a visceral reaction. The paintings radiate a bold physical presence. The subject matter is often island light, salt marshes, cottages and granite ledge, but Sanders’ treatment of these common themes is anything but prosaic. Using his sensory impressions as a creative vantage point, Janis constructs simplified compositions by locking in large abstract elements such as sky and water. The work never crosses the line into pure abstraction, however. There always remain representational elements – although a steep gabled roof, sun struck wall, or becalmed boat may tend to acquire an iconic or archetypal quality. The show runs through August 16. For more information please call 470-7027.