“Harold Garde: All The Walls” opens at Harbor Square Gallery


Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland is exhibiting “Harold Garde: All The Walls” and invites the public to an opening reception during the Rockland ArtWalk, 5-8 p.m. Friday August 3.

With the tools of an artist, in all his rawness and refinement, Harold Garde is a painter in his 90th year who continues to explore the dynamics and complexities of his own unique and creative life. His willingness to visually share his personal quest encourages all who are drawn to his honest, unabashed imagery to be more courageously engaged in the pursuit of our own.

Harold Garde’s art continues to flourish and gain recognition and support. This past April, his massive installation entitled ‘Iconoclass’ was unveiled at the Museum of Florida Art in Deland in combination with a prominent museum showing of 39 of his ‘Strappo’ mono prints. At the Emery Community Arts Center at the University of Maine, Farmington, an exhibition of 42 of his most recent large and dynamic paintings are being displayed through August 12. And most importantly for Harbor Square Gallery, an unprecedented Harold Garde exhibition that will literally fill three entire stories of the former bank building from August through September.

The various themes Garde has explored in prolific series are the recognizable, central forms anchoring his painterly language. It’s an expressionistic language which delves persistently into complex realms of human relationship: Kimonos, chairs, and women ‘hatted and un-hatted’; puppets, pinnacles, and lovers who fight; all become points of departure for his fearless inquiry. Vividly contrasted with images of disconnected body parts and dark, shadowy eyes are the gentle, floating kimonos, playful chairs, and ethereal still life compositions. Animated, colorful emotions dance with the stillness of death as deeper universal archetypes are wisely articulated. With bold, sweeping strokes of line and color, Garde confidently reveals the most intimate and poignant details.

It is important to Garde that he has fun in his studio, that he is fresh and stimulated to explore his forms and uncover their unique personalities. His freedom is an integral part of each image; each a metaphor for a personal search as it invites engagement with and relationship to the viewer and our world.

“Harold Garde: All The Walls” runs through September 14 at Harbor Square Gallery, 374 Main Street, Rockland. For more information and to see Garde’s images online, visit harborsquaregallery.com.