Haynes Galleries opens “Mirrors” and “Four Figurative Artists”

Jesus Villarreal, “The Mirror”

Haynes Galleries of Thomaston announces joint exhibits of Jesus Villarreal’s solo show “Mirrors” and combined talents in “Four Figurative Artists: Ryan Brown, Ellen Cooper, Renee Foulkes and Lea Colie Wight.” For Jesus Emmanuel Villarreal, a rising star in American Realism, painting is a journey toward truth in life and in art. His technique- in his portraits, a deeply nuanced chiaroscuro; in his still-lifes, a luminosity that makes them glow from within is reminiscent of the Dutch Masters, yet at the same time, his work feels completely fresh. Part of the reason lies in his approach. Villarreal paints slowly, thoughtfully, taking time to unveil the mystery even in the most commonplace of objects. Haynes Galleries is located at 91 Main Street, Thomaston.  For more information visit haynesgalleries.com.