Craft Gallery opens “Illumination: Handcrafted Lighting Sculpture”

Joe Hemes, “Chart Flower”

Craft Gallery in Rockland opens “Illumination: Handcrafted Lighting Sculpture” Wednesday, August 15.  Joe Hemes, Portland architect and artist, designs and makes sculptures of imagination and illumination.  His focus is on the manipulation of light, creating illuminated sculptures out of fabric and paper, handsewn and glued to create fanciful celestial objects floating in space and lit from within.  Metal lights are fabricated from patinated copper, pierced in designs that throw shadows, colors and patterns on walls and ceiling. Joining Hemes will be new work by ceramic artists Autumn Cipala and George Pearlman, photographer Joan Wright and bird sculptor James Pyne. “Illumination” will continue until September 16. Craft Gallery is located in the Courtyard at 12 Elm Street in Rockland, across from the Farnsworth Art Museum.  For more information please visit