Blue Hill Bay Gallery presents “Monhegan’s Endless Summer”

Samuel Peter Rolt Triscott, “Monhegan”

Blue Hill Bay Gallery announces “Monhegan’s Endless Summer,” an end-of-summer show featuring a collection of 30 historical and modern paintings of Monhegan. The show is exhibited through October 15. Besides a number of historical paintings, significant new works of Monhegan are also on display, including island vistas and village scenes by Bertil Whyman, Caleb Stone, Neal Hughes and Diane Scott, and rugged cliffs and shoreline by Bonnie Alpander, Mark Haltof and others.

Samuel Peter Rolt Triscott, whose work is depicted here, was the first permanent resident-artist of Monhegan. He emigrated to America in 1871 and became one of the founding members of the Boston Society of Water Color Painters. As a painting teacher he introduced a new watercolor style to American artists characterized by layers of translucent washes. It is believed his students included Winslow Homer, Sears Gallagher, and Robert Henri. Triscott began visiting Monhegan in the early 1890’s, eventually settling there until his death in 1925. In this surprisingly modern work executed in the 1890¹s, Triscott shows his characteristic sensitivity to light and shadow in depicting the simultaneous moonrise and sunset on Monhegan’s fish houses. FMI call 374-5773 or visit