“Our Sacred Earth: The Gaia Series” opens at MFT Gallery

Jean Ann Pollard, Gaia Series

The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast opens “Our Sacred Earth: The Gaia Series” by Jean Ann Pollard, Friday August 17 at 5 p.m. The collection of mixed media work in includes paintings from Pollard’s Gaia Series, which the artist intends to “awaken people to the glories of, as well as the threats to, Mother Earth.” The first image that catches one’s eye in these paintings is invariably the circular outline of our precious earth. But a closer look reveals spiraling images of incredible detail encircling our globe, which tell their own archetypal stories. One has the distinct impression of journeying through zones of time and space across earth’s mythological or zoological history.

Pollard, whose work is part of international collections at universities and even biological research stations, uses acrylic paints as well as various substances to allow her to create unique raised effects in her work. The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in downtown Belfast is an ideal location for Pollard’s work. Speaking of the gallery, Pollard notes that it is “a place visited by people who really care about the land and our planet.” Through the sale of her artwork, Pollard will support the efforts of Maine Farmland Trust to support farmers and protect farmland in Maine. For more information, visit mainefarmlandtrustgallery.org.