Barbara Applegate and Patti Leavitt at Pemaquid Art Gallery

“Crashing Surf” by Barbara Applegate

Pemaquid Art Gallery in New Harbor is showing award-winning Bristol artists Barbara Applegate and Patti Leavitt through the rest of the summer. Oil painter Applegate has been honored with over 100 awards from professional organizations. A third-generation artist, she cannot remember a time when paper and pencil, charcoal and brushes were not a part of her environment. In 1996, she relocated permanently to Bristol Mills, retreating from the rapidly developing countryside around Philadelphia. Her masterful landscapes and still lives celebrate light as it creates patterns on clapboards and lawns, or splashes through a window onto a table draped with linens.

Also from a long line of artists, Leavitt as a child was especially encouraged to paint by a favorite uncle.  Her landscapes, done primarily in pastel, make the viewer want to linger.  “I paint the road,” she says, “and I hope the viewer will want to walk down that road to see what’s at the end.”  She captures with a fresh eye the scenes that have enchanted her during her 38 years in Maine. For more information, visit