“Search for Form: Tom Paiement” at Greenhut Galleries

“Basket of Flowers Adrift on a Calm Sea” by Tom Paiement

Greenhut Galleries in Portland is showing “Search for Form” featuring mixed media work by Tom Paiement, and is on exhibit through Saturday, Sept. 1. Paiement is a maker of things; paintings, constructions, objects and reliefs. His inspiration comes from direct observation (seeing) and the ongoing dialogue (responding) that occurs in a piece as forms and shapes interact. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine and worked in the aerospace industry before deciding that the creative process could offer an aesthetic outlet that was missing in mathematical and scientific work. It is not surprising then, that he describes his work in engineering terms, stating ” …my work is about dynamics, kinetics, thermodynamics. It is about movement, somewhere, always.” For more information, call 772-2693 or visit greenhutgalleries.com.