“CRAFTS of the Land and Sea 2” opens at Archepelago Fine Arts

Oak Triptych by Jonathan White
Archipelago Fine Arts in Rockland’s “CRAFTS of the Land and Sea 2” is the second annual show of work by Maine’s fine craft artisans and will open with a reception from 5-8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 7 This year’s show features recent work by seven exceptional Maine artisans. Jonathan White creates art pottery and tiles, as well as ceramic sculpture, tableware, and mixed media sculpture.  All of his tiles are finished in a wide palate of earthenware and stoneware glazes, and are available set in quarter-sawn oak frames. For this exhibit, he will be showing “Fortification”, an illuminated earthenware clay sculpture. Other artists include Laura Glendening, who creates fiber art pieces using natural plant dyes, wool and silk; Robert Lingley, who carves cherry and bass wood with traditional tools; and Liam Cohen, who builds cajon drums used to accompany the classical guitar in Flamenco music. For more information on the functional and beautiful items in this show, call 596-0701 or visit islandinstitute.org.