“Humanity Expressed Visually,” Harlow on the Circle











Harlow on the Circle presents “Humanity Expressed Visually,” an exhibition of logo and T-shirt designs by area art students, from Monday, Sept. 17 through Friday, Nov. 16 in the Lobby Gallery at 45 Memorial Circle, Augusta. The Lobby Gallery is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, but by virtue of its location can be viewed from outside the building as well, and is lit during nighttime.
Humanity Expressed Visually features logo designs by students of Maranacook Community School and 21 Century Community Learning Center’s Lewiston Educational Achievement Program (LEAP).  Over 70 young artists and designers are participating. The show is sponsored by the Kennebec Valley Art Association.
Students in Jeremy Smith’s Maranacook Community School course, Introduction to Art, recently studied and completed a project in logo design, animation and T-shirt printing with stencils.  Smith has also worked with middle school students at LEAP in Lewiston to create a similar logo and t-shirt design project using block printing techniques.  The projects are both spheres of Smith’s mission to expand knowledge of communities, enhance communication and to foster self-awareness through hands-on cultural exploration in the visual arts.  The overall project, including development of the logos and creation of the T-shirts, makes up Humanity Expressed Visually:  a new focus for teaching the arts, visual culture, and identity. For more information, call 622-3813 or visit harlowgallery.com.