UMaine Museum of Art celebrates fall with three new exhibitions.

“First Snow” by Alan Bray

The University of Maine Museum of Art in downtown Bangor celebrates fall with three new exhibitions. Alan Bray: At the Edges, Mayumi Sarai: Ring Cycle, and Susan Jane Belton: ‘What’s Yours?’ will open to the public on Friday, Oct. 5.

While Alan Bray’s paintings possess elements of realism, there are distinctive shifts of perspective and simplification of forms that characterize the artist’s highly individual approach to his subjects. Bray’s stylized landscapes are imbued with a sense of mystery, solitude and stillness. Bray’s depictions of central Maine offer a dramatic contrast to the prevailing depiction of Maine’s rocky coastline explored by many other artists. Mayumi Sarai is a Japanese-born artist whose carved wooden sculptures draw inspiration from organic structures. She uses traditional Japanese hand tools to handcraft individual elements, which are brought together to form larger constructions. Susan Jane Belton is intrigued with the things we consume and how daily rituals reveal aspects of our individuality. In ‘What’s Yours?’ Belton has targeted the ubiquitous logo-emblazoned takeout coffee cup which reflects the preoccupation with brand loyalty that pervades contemporary consumerism. Fall exhibits will be on display through January 5, 2013. Admission is free in 2012 thanks to the generosity of Machias Savings Bank. For more information, call 561-3350 or visit