Courthouse Gallery showing latest Philip Frey + Small Works

“Thrumcap” by Philip Frey

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth presents new paintings by Sullivan artist Philip Frey through December 24. Frey created the work on Great Cranberry Isle this past August during his residency at The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation as one of only 21 artists awarded a 2012 residency.
Philip Frey painting en plein air on Great Cranberry

In his artist statement Frey wrote “As the days shifted and drifted from sun rise, to fog, to sunset, to misty coolness, to full sun, clouds, my obvious focus became the world right out my studio and as well as the space within it. Change became my muse. The current show at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art is the fruit of that experience and labor.” The residency consist of small groups of artists, who come together for two or three-week residencies where they can work uninterrupted in the studios once used by John Heliker and Robert LaHotan. Frey’s work also was recently highlighted in the autumn issue of The Gettysburg Review, which is published by Gettysburg College and recognized as one of the country’s premier literary journals.

Just in time for Christmas shopping, Courthouse Gallery Fine Art is also hosting a “Small Works 2012 Show” through December 24. Twenty gallery artists will participate and three guest artists have been invited to show, including Lise Becu—animal or human, her sensual, sparse stone carvings evoke a mythical world, both ancient and modern; Mark Bell—his fine porcelain vessels, are delicately thrown and fired with bright, rich glazes; Cynde Clark—her bold, nature inspired necklace designs are made from semi precious stones and fine silver. Participating Artists include Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Tom Curry, Gregory Dunham, June Grey, Philip Frey, Harold Garde, Paul Hannon, William Irvine, Rosie Moore, Emily Muir, Ed Nadeau, Andy Newman, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Robert Shillady, Jessica Stammen, Alison Rector, David Vickery

“Downeast Autumn” by Linda Packard

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art exhibits contemporary painting, sculpture, and photography by artists living in Maine and is located at 6 Court Street in Ellsworth. The gallery is open through Dec. 24 and reopens in May 2013. For more information call 667-6611 or visit