Åarhus Gallery opens ‘Heart’

“Many Are the Wounds” by Wesley Reddick

Åarhus Gallery in Belfast warms up mid-winter with a show titled ‘Heart’ with an opening reception from 5-8 p.m. Friday Feb. 1, and runs through February 24.  With Valentine’s Day thoughtfully placed in the heart of February we tend to associate ‘Heart’ with warmth, coziness, and sweets in a heart shaped bright red box. Some of the artists showing their work for the ‘Heart’ show may be thinking outside the box of chocolates and delving into aspects of the heart that are not so sweet. Featured artists include; Kenny Cole, Al Crichton, Maryjean Crowe, Mike Fletcher, J. T. Gibson, Sarah Hewitt, Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Karen MacDonald, Richard Mann, Cathy Melio, Tom O’Donovan, Joan Proudman, Abbie Read, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick, Mike Silverton, and Simon van der Ven. For more information visit aarhusgallery.com to see a slideshow of the current works.