Landing Gallery call for 3D art

Ping Fu, judge

The Landing Gallery in Rockland has a call for artists for one of the world’s first juried 3D printed Art shows to be mounted in their Rockland, Maine location this spring. “Bits to Its: 3D Printed Sculpture” is dedicated to the use of new 3D printing technology to create art. The show will open with a public reception on Friday May 3, from 5 – 8 p.m. preceded by a private reception on Saturday April 27, and a week of educational activities coordinated by the Maine FabLab, a part of the MIT FabLab network. All art will be available for sale.

The esteemed judges come from the intersection of 3D printing art and technology. GeoMagic founder and CEO Ping Fu is moving to the new position of Chief Strategy Officer for 3D Systems Corporation, pending the sale of her software company to the 3D printer manufacturer.  She has an intimate knowledge of the 3D printing and scanning process, and is regarded as an innovator in the industry.

Entries must incorporate 3D printed components into at least 75% of the piece; additional processes may be used in the entire piece, but 3D printing must be central to the design. If artists do not own their own 3D printer, Potomac Photonics of Lanham MD [] has generously offered to complete the printing on the 3D Systems high resolution ProJect or color Cube printers in their MicroFabLab for the cost of materials. Tickets information for the private opening reception is available