“Forest for the Trees” opening at Åarhus Gallery

“Trees” by Mary Barnes

Åarhus Gallery in Belfast invites the public to an opening reception Friday April 5th, 5-8pm for a show entitled “Forest for the Trees” which runs April 4th through the 28th.

With National Arbor Day and Earth Day happening in April, and the new Åarhus partner Tom O’Donovan having his annual tree show at Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland also this April, we at Åarhus have decided to branch out and have a tree show of our own entitled, ‘Forest For the Trees’. You are all familiar with this (partial) idiom, as meaning the inability to see the big picture due to over-attention to details. This show may forgo exemplifying any lessons learned from that wise old saying, and instead just have a good time with the tree as subject matter for art making. So if you have a firm handle on the big picture or if you want to bring a magnifying glass and focus in on the details, shake a limb over to Åarhus and leaf your troubles behind.

Featured artists include; Michael Alpert, Mary Barnes, Kenny Cole, Susan Cooney, Al Crichton, Kris Engman, Jerri Finch, Alan Fishman, Dave Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Richard Mann, Ed Moffitt, Thomas O’Donovan, Ben Potter, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick and Carol Sloane.

Aarhus Gallery, 50 Main St, Belfast, operating under winter hours, is open February-May, Thursday-Sunday 11 am-5:30 pm. For more information call 338-0001 or  www.aarhusgallery.com  where a slideshow of the current works is available.