George Marshall Store Gallery opens “Momentum XI”

”Sexual Selection #1” by Bear Kirkpatrick

The George Marshall Store Gallery in York opens their exhibition season with two inspiring shows. This is the eleventh year running that the river front gallery begins its schedule with “Momentum” an exhibition presenting the work of the grantee and finalists of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant. Concurrently, works by Don Lent, spanning five decades, are exhibited in the dock level gallery. “Momentum XI” features 2012 grantee photographer Bear Kirkpatrick from Portsmouth and finalists Lauren Gillette from York and Rose Umerlik from Portsmouth. Three photographs from his “Sexual Selections” series are included. The artist describes this series as a way “to create visuals out of the combination of Darwin’s ridiculed theory of sexual selection (female choice drives morphology), the 18th and 19th century naturalists like Catesby and Audubon, and a modern sense of gloom.” For more information visit