Sohns Gallery opens “Caleb Charland: Back to Light”

“Orange Battery” by Caleb Charland

The Sohns Gallery in Bangor is hosting an artists reception from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Friday June 21 for “Caleb Charland: Back to Light,” with an artists talk at 7 p.m. Caleb Charlands current body of work expands upon a classic grade school science project, the potato battery. “In the larger installations such as ‘Apple Trees and LEDs’ I wired 300 apples in series of ten apples each to power 30 individual LEDs under the lamp shade. Due to the dim nature of the light source these images require 4 to 16 hours of exposure.” The utter simplicity of this electrical phenomenon is endlessly fascinating to Charland. The Artist hopes that these photographs function as micro utopias by suggesting and illustrating the endless possibilities of alternative and sustainable energy production. For more information please call 947-2205.