High Street Studio and Gallery collaboration demonstration

Floral collaboration

High Street Studio and Gallery in Belfast invites the public to an Opening Reception
5-8 p.m. Friday July 26. Artists Susan Tobey White and Jeanne Dawson will be giving a demonstration of collaborative painting where both artists paint on the same canvas. Susan and Jeanne began their collaborations several years ago. Jeanne tends to use thick layers of paint from the tube while Susan enjoys the surprise results of accidental layering of glazes. Their techniques combined create a result they could never achieve on their own. Over the years they have found they enjoy setting up a floral arrangement then use it as a common inspiration. Jeanne and Susan will often paint flowers that are not in the arrangement to add to the balance of color and texture that they desire. They recognize this process is a special relationship that not all could achieve and consistently learn from each other. For more information visit highstreetgallery.com