Pemaquid Art Gallery exhibiting “Landscapes and Seascapes: Farrell and Leavitt.”

“Dancing Loons” by Peggy Farrell,

The Pemaquid Art Gallery is exhibiting “Landscapes and Seascapes: Farrell and Leavitt.” Layers of color enrich the work of painters Peggy Farrell of New Harbor and Patti Leavitt of Bristol, both inspired by the local landscape, both exhibiting all season at the Pemaquid Art Gallery at Lighthouse Park. Patti Leavitt works in pastel, building shapes and creating patterns of light by laying down strokes of color one on the other and side by side.  She creates landscapes that make the viewer want to linger.  “I paint the road,” she says, “and I hope the viewer will want to walk down that road to see what’s at the end.” “I feel most like myself with a brush in my hand,” says Peggy Farrell, a watercolorist who this year did not resist the lure of Monhegan.  Her new paintings celebrate the island’s special light, rough-and-tumble edges, and quiet corners.

Other artists exhibiting at the Pemaquid Art Gallery this season are Barbara Applegate, Debra Arter, Bruce Babb, Julie Babb, Stephen Busch, Sarah Carter, Trudi Curtis, Marcia Brandwein Furman, Viola Glendinning, Claire Hancock, Kay Sawyer Hannah, Jean Harris, Jane Herbert, Hannah Ineson, Jan Kilburn, Barbara Klein, Sally Loughridge, Marlene Loznicka, Nancy O’Brien MacKinnon, M. Macy, Judy Nixon,  Denise Rankin, Paul Sherman, Pande Stevens, Ernest Thompson Jr., Robert Vaughan, and Sarah Wilde. For more information visit