Åarhus Gallery exhibiting Jaap Eduard Helder and Jody Johnstone


Åarhus Gallery in Belfast is exhibiting the work of Jaap Eduard Helder of Belfast and Jody Johnstone of Swanville opening the summer guest artist season for the month of July. Jaap Helder began painting in Holland where the landscape of industrial shapes and colors of post World War II reconstruction became an integral part of the imagery for his paintings.  Helder was influenced by Escher, Mondrian, Karel Appel, and American jazz, which began his attraction to the United States, where he settled after extensively exploring his native Europe. For Jody Johnstone, pottery and woodfiring are inseparable from each other, and from her as well, in fact they’ve become her way of life. She’s never done anything else since returning from a two-year apprenticeship in Bizen, Japan with National Living Treasure, Jun Isezaki. The show runs through July 28. For more information visit aarhusgallery.com.