Åarhus Gallery opening “Patricia Wheeler: Reciprocity”

“Four Moments..” by Patricia Wheeler

Åarhus Gallery is hosting an opening reception 5 – 8 p.m. Fri. Aug. 2 for guest artist Patricia Wheeler of Deer Isle. The show titled “Reciprocity” runs through September 1st. Patricia Wheeler’s mixed media paintings are the perfect object because they feel just right, in a way, essential. Her colors are confident and organic, beautiful, but of necessity not pretty. As if there could be no other color that works for that shape in that space: familiar and comfortable to the eye experienced in the journeys of old souls. Patricia’s handsome textures are carried through lovingly and though they’re sometimes scratched, or excoriated like petroglyphs, they speak of groundedness and humanity, and so as in archeology, we come to know ourselves through this well handled surface.  For more information visit aarhusgallery.com