Archipelago Fine Arts Gallery exhibits Peter Ralston’s Master Prints

“Moontide” by Peter Ralston

Archipelago Fine Arts Gallery in Rockland invites the general public to a reception 5 – 8 p.m. Fri, Aug. 2 for the premiere exhibition of photographer Peter Ralston’s Master Prints. Both new and classic images will bring the viewer to special spots along Maine’s coast during the times of day when the light is sublime. Launched with the formal opening of the Ralston Gallery in Rockport in June of 2011, the Master Prints is a numbered, open edition of larger prints especially chosen by the artist for their personal significance as well as their ability to print beautifully as 24″ x 36″ prints.  The edition opened with 12 selected images; two more were added in 2012 and again in 2013.  Several others made their way into the edition by special request, and, as always, all prints are handmade by Peter Ralston, not by assistants. The printing transcends museum standards; each print is hand- titled, numbered and signed by the artist. The Master Prints exhibition will run through September 30.  For more information, please call 596-0701