Belfast Creative Coalition receives Sewall Foundation Grant

Kimberly Callas, BCC Executive Director

The Belfast Creative Coalition has received a Sewall Foundation Grant of $30,000 for operational support for the 2013-2014 year. With this grant the Belfast Creative Coalition (BCC) will continue its mission of supporting arts and culture to attract people and business to the Belfast area. The Belfast Creative Coalition was founded in 2012 by a coalition of non-profits, arts organizations, and the City of Belfast through Maine Arts Commission CC=ED Grant. BCC unifies the efforts of a well-recognized and highly-respected cluster of arts and cultural endeavors and builds collaborative partnerships with multiple sectors. BCC assists with arts and culture coordination through their ‘Calendar Sync’ networking breakfasts at “Bell the Cat” the last Wednesday of every month. BCC markets the Belfast area arts and culture locally and regionally by coordinating group ads, through grants, and by creating projects that market Belfast’s three gems of art, local food and beautiful land. BCC’s newest project,“Cultivate: Belfast Area Farm and Arts Trail,” has just launched this June.  “We are a young organization so a grant of this scale is really encouraging. The Sewall Foundation Grant sends a positive message to our constituents, supporters, and funders that BCC is on the right track,” said Kimberly Callas, BCC Executive Director. For more information visit