Carver Hill Gallery hosts “Todd McKie: Life is Funny Art is Serious,”

“Proud Tradition” by Todd McKie

Carver Hill Gallery in Rockland is pleased to host “Todd McKie: Life is Funny Art is Serious,” with an opening artists reception during Rockland’s First Friday, 5 – 8 p.m. Aug. 2. The following day, Aug. 3, the gallery will host an artist’s talk with Todd at 1 p.m.. Todd will discuss his painting, his museum shows and his artist’s residencies. Todd McKie has been calling attention to himself with his potent, epigrammatic paintings for over thirty years. His work packs a punch with a scintillating narrative and colors that make you gasp. Todd’s work grows out of looking at other art, from life, and from lots of drawing. Show runs through Aug. 27, for more information visit