Jonathan Frost Gallery exhibits Siri Beckman and Louise Bourne

“Pond Island” by Louise Bourne

Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland presents an exhibition of new paintings by Deer Isle artist Siri Beckman and Sedgwick artist Louise Bourne.  The show, Transition/Interval, will opens with a gala Artists’ Reception from 5 – 8 p.m. Aug. 2nd, featuring live jazz with Steve Lindsay and Friends.  Siri Beckman’s work represents the Transition of the show’s title.   Known throughout Maine as a printmaker, Beckman has recently made the transition from black and white wood engraving and woodcut to painting and color. Louise Bourne, new to the gallery’s roster, claims the Intervals of the show’s title.  She sees “Interval“ as the space between pieces of color, between brush strokes in her painting. The exhibit will run through September 4. For more information visit