Studio 53 shows “Lynne Seitzer: “Moments in time…”

“Crowd Controll” by Lynne Seitzer

Studio 53 Fine Arts Gallery of Boothbay Harbor invites the public to an opening 5 – 8 p.m. Fri. Aug. 2 for “Lynne Seitzer: “Moments in time…” When Lynne Seitzer looks out onto the world, she has the unique gift of capturing the stories of humanity and transcribing them into images on canvas.  Her show includes 13 of these paintings that illustrate her keen eye and deft brush. In some of the paintings, as in “Stripes”, the viewer feels as though he or she is right there and can almost hear the laughter of the child caught in the act of a joyful, impromptu dance.  Other paintings feel a bit as if you are the witness to an intensely personal encounter.  “Missing You Already” reminds you of all the leave-takings in which you knew you would be counting the minutes before being together again.  You can almost feel the heat of the subway car in “Squeeze” and the rumble of traffic in “Mannequins”.  Lynne’s work brings the sea of humanity in Manhattan into focus by capturing what happens in a blink of an eye.  Look back and the moment has passed.  Fortunately, the canvases remain and we can look back again and again. For more information call 633-7025.