Camden Falls Gallery shows “Janis Sanders: Maine Cottage and Architecture”

“Island Beach” by Janis Sanders

Camden Falls Gallery in Camden invites the public to see “Janis Sanders: Maine Cottage and Architecture.” The distinctive painting style of Massachusetts artist Janis Sanders offers a unique look at some of Maine’s quaint architectural delights. From old barns to cozy cottages and rugged lighthouses, Sanders paints with an eye for the light and surrounding landscape that provides a fresh way of seeing each structure within its specific place and time. “Salt air, late day sunlight on a shoreline cottage, an old house at the water’s edge… these elements draw me outdoors. The smoothness of application of paint on board allows me to translate as spontaneously and directly as possible, the essence of the place,” says Sanders. The joy and intensity of Sanders’ painting experience is communicated in his expressive gestures of textured oil, which he applies with palette knives and an impasto painting technique. Sanders’ bold, vibrant palette of periwinkle blue, forest green, and acid yellow, combined with his expressive, modernistic style, conveys his vision of form, light and shadow in ways that are unmistakably his own. For more information visit