Liros Gallery continues “Ukiyo-e: Images of the Floating World”

Ando Hiroshige, 1779-1858

Liros Gallery in Blue Hill announces the continuation of  “Ukiyo-e: Images of the Floating World” through Aug. 16.  The exhibit features museum quality Edo period Japanese woodblock prints by such masters as Hiroshige, Kunichika, Kunisada and Hokusai. Legend has it that Hiroshige determined to become a ukiyo-e artist when he saw the prints of his near-contemporary, Hokusai. Hokusai published some of his greatest prints, such as Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji , in 1832—the year Hiroshige devoted himself full-time to his art. Subject matter includes kabuki actors, courtesans, wrestlers, fish and landscapes. For more information, call 374-5370 or visit