Pemaquid Art Gallery exhibiting Viola Glendinning and Margaret Macy.

“Hauling Traps” by Viola Glendinning

Pemaquid Art Gallery in New Harbor is exhibiting South Bristol artists Viola Glendinning and Margaret Macy. Born and raised in Norway, Viola Glendinning is particularly drawn to the water and its sailors and seafarers.  Using large brushes and palette knives to create dramatic coastal and ocean scenes, she draws energy from the subject matter, working in a sometimes bold, sometimes carefully-detailed style. She studied art at Brookdale College in New Jersey as well as with Finn Stromstedt, National Artist of Norway, and Harry Pedersen, Master Amateur Artist of Norway. She especially admires Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent. Margaret Macy began as a child painting scenes from her rural surroundings, and 40 years later continues to do so from her saltwater farm in Maine.  Her finely detailed paintings typically mix the real with the mystical, in a bold style, often in large scale on large canvases. Also a poet, writer, and illustrator, Macy benefits from her poetic sensibility as she expresses landscapes that connect the physical and the metaphysical. The exhibit continues through summer. For more information visit